Cindy Oser

What has started out as a party for friends has turned into so much more.

In the fall of 2009 the Oser’s and the Roth’s were camping at Woody’s farm. Cindy and Dan were talking when the subject of the Oser’s summer party came up. The party, affectionately called Oser Fest, had grown too big for their home. Cindy asked Dan if he thought Woody was open to allowing the farm to be rented so that they could move the party there. Dan thought since we shared so many common friends, both families could host the party. Oser-Roth Fest was born.

While planning for the first Oser-Roth Fest we learned about Blake Garrett. Blake was battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Hearing about his battle, we thought wouldn’t it be nice to raise some money for the Blake. While we thought it would be nice to help out, no concrete plans were underway.

Charlie stood up, opened his wallet, and gave Dan a $100 bill. He looked at Dan and said “give this to Blake".
Dan was touched beyond words...

One day Dan was talking to a client/friend and told him about Blake and our desire to help him out. Charlie stood up, opened his wallet, and gave Dan a $100 bill. He looked at Dan and said “give this to Blake.” Dan was touched beyond words so he called Cindy to tell her of what transpired. He wondered if we could raise money for Blake by selling t-shirts at our party. We raised over $5,000 for Blake that year. Little did we know a seed was planted that would grow into a mighty oak tree.

After six years of Oser-Roth & Friends Fest we have raised nearly $80,000 for 20 children and organizations. We are proud to say that we have stayed with our core principle of all funds raised for Oser-Roth & Friends Fest has gone to our angels. Not one dime of funds raised has gone for the party. The party has always been a result of our families and the most awesome friends ever!

As of July 18th 2015 we are officially a 501C3!

Trudy Roth