Year Honored: 

Ethan was born 12 weeks early on May 15, 2008. He had stopped growing at 18 weeks gestation and was given a ZERO percent chance of survival at 24 weeks. Mom was admitted to the hospital to wait for his heart to stop beating. But Ethan had other plans.

He made it to 28 weeks and was born weighing just 14.8 ounces. He was 9.5 inches long. Ethan spent 9 months in the NICU at Cincinnati Children's Hospital and came home with a tracheostomy, ventilator, and feeding tube. He has had over 30 surgeries/procedures. Today he still has his tracheostomy and feeding tube, and still has some medical intervention in his future, but he has made great progress over the years. He requires around the clock care for all of his needs and we have nurses that come into the home to help whlle mom works and sleeps.

Ethan has Cerebral Palsy, Per¡ventricular Leukomalacia, Epilepsy, Subglottic Stenosis, and some other issues with the anatomy of his throat and airway, caused by having a breathing tube when he was so small. He also has global development delays related to lack of oxygen in utero and during different emergencies throughout his life. His airway has been surgically reconstructed and we are working toward maybe getting rid of his trach someday.

Ethan is so much more than his diagnoses, though. Music is his favorite thing in the world. He loves anything musical and will listen to music for hours and be content. We have used music to help him get through the roughest times in his life. Ethan likes to go places like the zoo, aquarium, and swimming. He likes to laugh and is happy most of the time. He is very laid back and also likes to cuddle with mom and dad and his nurses. He lives with his mom and his little cousin, Kayden (2 vears-old), but he visits with dad all the time. He is very smart, but never does anything on command, just like every other 8 year-old I know!