Year Honored: 

Charity is 8 years old and has 2 older sisters and 2 older brothers. Charity is in the second grade. She loves to play outside, pal around with her pets (3 dogs, 1 cat and a fish).

Her hobbies are singing, dancing, gymnastics and spending time with my family and hopefully someday be a cheerleader.

Charity is a blessing! Her mother has Polycythemia and at the age of 40, didn’t know she was pregnant with Charity until 3 days before giving birth.

Charity was born without complication and was absolute miracle!

At the age of three, Charity began having noticeable small seizures. Her doctor thought that with some time that she would grow out of them. In December 2012, just two days after Christmas, Charity had her 1st EEG during which she was admitted for a week and diagnosed with Epilepsy by the Cincinnati Childrens Neurology Doctors.

Charity has Generalized Epilepsy. Her seizures occur on both sides of her brain (instead of just occurring one side of the brain). She underwent many grueling tests and has continued with many other tests and stays in the hospital since her diagnosis. Her mental development has been delayed a lot from seizure activity. Although she is developmentally behind the other children in class, she strives to maintain a positive attitude and works hard to learn as much as she can.

Seizures are like an electrical storm in the brain and each time she has one, she cannot recall what she was just speaking about or learning. So, starting over often with ideas, sentences and thoughts is a huge part of her daily struggle. As if the Epilepsy wasn’t enough to deal with, Charity also faces challenges with her ADHD & ADD, which we learned go hand and hand with patients who have Epilepsy. Many medications have been tried and failed to stop or reduce her seizure activity.