Year Honored: 

Johnathan Lucas Hiatt

Johnathan Lucas is a 24 weeker. He was born the day he turned 24 weeks.

Johnathan Lucas is a 24 weeker. He was born the day he turned 24 weeks. He spent a few days shy of six months in the hospital. He had multiple procedures and surgeries within the first year but more to follow as the months and years continue (16 to date, I believe, but with some we were able to kill two birds with one stone and do multiple surgeries and or procedures within one visit). He weighed in at 15 ounces and 10 inches. Within a matter of days, he dropped to 10 3/4th ounces. He was lucky to not catch any infections right off the bat but to keep that up, the doctors still gave him antibiotics. Johnny did have an act for scaring people. He coded a lot his first three months. Most episodes lasted a few seconds to a few minutes but one night he coded for thirty minutes. That's thirty minutes with no heartbeat. Thirty minutes with no oxygen to the brain. That's thirty minutes of doctors continuing with chest compression's and pumping him with medication. That's thirty minutes of his mother kneeling down by his bedside, praying to the lord to give her a chance to show him that she would make a great mother to this boy. His protector.

"I remember that day, every second of every minute. That day was my birthday. That day, those few minutes prior to his episode, I was decorating his cubical with all the stuff I bought with my $300 plus dollars given to me for my birthday. I remember decorating and then hearing the machines go off and doctors running towards our area. I remember thinking, "this can't be it." I remember being only a few feet away, on my knees, thinking, "baby, I know you have the fight in you. Push through, mommy will be here every step of the way, baby just push through." He pushed through. He not only gave me the chance of being a mother, but he showed everyone that fighters come in all shapes and sizes. Even ones smaller than a pop can."

Johnny came home July 31st, 2014. He was sent home with multiple machines. Although he spent the first 4(ish) months on machines breathing for him, he managed to find the strength to breath on his own (for the most part). He came home on an oxygen tank and many spares. He had his pulsox monitor, Feeding machine, and a suction machine. Johnny was taken off oxygen about a year later. We currently have issues with oral feedings due to his premature birth and severe oral aversion (which is getting better). We currently are having issues with weight gain due to his week immune system and constantly getting sick. Thus, effecting his tube feeds and effecting his oral feeds.

Johnny's major diagnosis are listed above: micro preemie, premature lungs, chronic lung disease, immune compromised (with a low immune system he is always getting sick especially in the winter), glaucoma, g-tube, multiple learning delays and sensory disorders. However, last year Johnny started preschool and his teachers stated they went through 1500 pages worth of information from Good Sam and Children's. They mentioned finding 150 diagnoses'. Many of those were minute or specific sensory and learning disorders. As far as Asperger's, Autism, and other major diagnosis, the doctors have stated they do not want to label Johnny with anything as of now. This is due to not only being born so early, shrinking to an even smaller size, but also losing that much oxygen to the brain, they do not want to miss label him. That said, it has been suggested Johnny does not have Autism or Asperger's but that certain delays that point to those areas are more aligned with being so premature.

Johnny will be four February 10th, 2018. He currently weighs in at about 26 pounds and 35/36 inches. He knows his colors, numbers, and some shapes. He loves cars, coloring, and doing anything a daredevil would do. This includes trying to take his rocking horse down an old set of stairs. Although, his favorite activity seems to be climbing onto a dresser just to act like Tarzan: jumping off, pounding his chest, making Tarzan noises, and landing on the reclining chair (that he so kindly moved close to the dresser before climbing). Daredevil set aside, he is behind on certain learning and physical attributes along with lacking in communication with peers his age. However, if you are older, he will hold 3-word conversations with you like a pro!