Year Honored: 

Kaylee should be an Angel because she's been through hell and back and through it all she has had smile on her face. Kaylee knows no stranger and is the sweetest girl.

Kaylee was diagnosed with Severe/moderate Hydrocephalus when she was only 26 weeks in utero. The doctors told us that they didn't know if she would even live after she was born. If she did she wouldn't walk, talk, or even eat on her own.

She was born at 36 weeks and went straight to Children's Hospital NICU from UC hospital. Her mother didn't get to see her until two days later. She was only three days old when she had her first brain surgery to place a shunt in her head to drain the fluid. At exactly one week old Kaylee developed debilitating seizures to the point were she would stop breathing. The doctors pulled my sister and her husband along with our parents into a room and told us that they didn't think she was going to make it and to start thinking about quality of life. Obviously our family was devastated. My sister refused to give up and had her baptized in the NICU that same day.

Then a miracle happened.

Kaylee did a complete 180 after the baptism and the doctors were able to get her seizures under control. Kaylee went from probably not going to make it to being home within a month after born and in the NICU.

Since then Kaylee has definitely had her challenges. She's had a total of 11 surgeries with her 12 coming up in March. She's had a total of 4 brain surgeries to replace her shunt. The latest being last June which ruined her summer vacation due to restrictions. She's had spinal cord surgery that put her back into the ICU and we almost lost her again with surgery. She's had a hernia repair. 2 hip surgeries where they pulled her leg into the correct hip joint and had to break her leg and place rods and pins which resulted her being in a full body cast for three months. She's had eye surgery to help correct her eyes and had two picc lines placed. She's had to undergo countless MRI's, CT scans, X-rays, speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, blood tests and countless hospital stays. Kaylee still struggles a lot in school. She has trouble writing. Her Right ventricle ruptured in her brain before she was born and caused permanent brain damage. The doctors believe the part of the brain that was affected was the part that deals with hand eye coordination. That doesn't slow her down because she's a wiz on a keyboard at school. Kaylee LOVES Elvis Presley!!! She LOVES to sing! She LOVES Mickey Mouse!! She's always wanted to go see where Mickey Mouse lives. She's very outgoing and one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet.

Kaylee should be an Angel because she's been through hell and back and through it all she has had smile on her face. Kaylee knows no stranger and is the sweetest girl.

She is willing to help out anyone. She NEVER likes to see someone upset and is an inspiration. She's a "Champion" at Children's Hospital. She is the face of the Neurosurgery Department and has done a video for them. She was featured on Channel 9 news when they announced Children's Hospital was ranked 2nd in the Nation. Her mom got to sit down and tell Kaylee's story. (It's on YouTube if you are interested in watching.) This girl is an inspiration to many. She has defied ALL odds! Her many doctors can't even explain it. Still til this day hurdles are places in front of her and she ALWAYS finds a way to defeat them with a smile on her face.