Year Honored: 

Let me start by saying that Allie has always been a fighter. 

From the time she was born early and had to endure her first spinal tap at less than 1 week old to the time she broke her arm at 2 and then dislocated her knee during softball all the way to when she was diagnosed with AML she has been strong in both body and spirit. Fearless in the face of adversity and undeterred in her pursuit of happiness and friendships as well as education.

She has overcome every obstacle in her way and never backs down whether it be in defending her goal for soccer or making All State choir or getting into the Cappies program, to excelling at drama as well as completing her studies with the hopes of one day being a writer. Even when making friends with new students she consistently gives it her all. 

Allie loves hanging out with her friends and her cats, going on mission trips with her church and attending Sunday school, as well as playing soccer both indoor and out. She is great at making new friends and always makes herself available to help others if needed. She takes her studies very seriously and sets a great example for others.