Year Honored: 

Brooklyn Stallard is an amazing 8-year-old.  It became clear before she was even born while in utero, she had many health issues and stopped growing.

She was delivered a month early at 4 pounds for this reason.  Brooklyn is a medically tricky little lady to diagnose.  Unfortunately, she doesn't have one or even a few diagnoses she has 39 medical conditions.  Brooklyn is seen at Boston Children's Hospital for GI motility specialist, Indy's Payton manning Hospital for Pulmonology, Cincinnati Children's Hospital for: Psychology, PT, and OT, and Cleveland Clinic for her Neurologist & Cardiology.  All these specialists still feel there are missing pieces to Brooklyn's vast medical conditions.  Testing and many weekly appointments and hospitalizations are her norm. Brooklyn has a G-tube & motility issues, Dysautonomia, Chronic Lung Disease, Dysphagia, Failure to Thrive, Tachycardia, and High BP are just a few of her medical struggles.  There are just too many conditions to list. 

All these medical problems leave Brooklyn with chronic pain & major fatigue.  She attends school half days when she can and participates in activities as she is physically able.  Each year during flu season so she is home bound from school because she is tiny and she so medically fragile.  Her immune system can't keep up.  The goal is always to keep her as healthy as possible and she is always at a high-risk for major illness and hospitalizations. 

Even with all her medical obstacles Brooklyn is kind, compassionate, bubbly, and full of empathy for others. She talks about growing up to be a nurse so she can help others since she knows what it is like to be sick.  She loves keeping up with her friends and her five siblings.  She loves giraffes, barbies, LOL Dolls, and is an avid JOJO Siwa fan!! Brooklyn has the BIGGEST Heart and she uses it to LOVE BIG!  She has wisdom beyond her years, and we all learn from her daily.  She understands to accept what she cannot control and live in the moment. We all need reminded of that.  She is our precious Brooklyn!