Year Honored: 

Chase was diagnosed at 7 months old with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), Type 1 (the most severe form). SMA is rare genetic disorder and the #1 genetic killer of children under age 2. It affects muscles our body uses to eat, walk, sit, and breathe.

Chase cannot walk or sit unsupported. He can talk but, through progression, has become more difficult to understand. He recently got approved for his own eye-gaze device, which uses his eyes on a special screen to communicate. He is doing an amazing job learning the device. He has a GJ-Tube that allows him the nutrients he needs to thrive. He gets daily respiratory treatments that consist of CPT vest, nebulizer, coughalator, and
suctioning, which keep his lungs clear and healthy. He also has a tracheostomy and ventilator, which help him breathe and ended up being a lifesaving decision (at age 6yrs) after having several close calls that ended in CPR and near-death experiences.

Chase's life has been far from normal with many tests, procedures, and hospital stays, etc. that no child should have to endure. However, despite his daily challenges and physical limitations, he's a very sweet and happy boy who brings out the good in everyone he meets. He loves playing video games, being on two special needs Miracle League baseball teams and hanging out with friends and family. He goes to school part-time, but also
gets part-time home instruction and many beneficial therapies. Aquatic & Music Therapy are his favorites.