Year Honored: 

Kaylee Bull is an 11-year-old little girl with a huge personality.

She has cerebral palsy and it drastically affects her everyday life. She has had many surgeries, spent numerous holidays in the hospital and overcome each set back with courage and strength that would make superman jealous. In our house we don't like to dwell on all the things she is unable to do, but to focus on all the things she can. She can go into a room full of people and without saying one word, make them all smile.
Kaylee has a personality and attitude all her own. She is rotten and proud of it! She loves boys, will bat her eyes and is a great flirt! She knows every backstreet boy's song there is. She loves to be outdoors. Fishing, swimming, and playing baseball, just to name a few.

Unfortunately, the past year and a half has been rough to say the least. Kaylee had a full spinal fusion last year and has since been having A lot of pain issues. She has days that are much better than the last and those are the days we like to take advantage of.

We are so grateful and humbled to have the honor of Kaylee being picked to be an angel. We could never thank you enough.